Bruno Vilela | Recife - Brasil * 1977

Documentary directed by Beto Brant and Cláudio Assis about Bruno Vilela's work

Bruno started his career in the 90’s as a Graffiti artist, painting scenery for music shows, bars and nightclubs. In 1993, he began his formal studies in the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), where he took courses on observational drawing and oil painting. In 1998 arrived in Recife Shunishi Yamada, a Japanese master in oriental painting and anatomy drawing. At this time, Vilela who was a student at the Fine Arts course of UFPE, decided to abdicate college to dedicate himself to the lessons with Master Yamada, someone the artist credits all his knowledge.

“I have fantastical dreams and nightmares. I would like to photograph these events that arise from the unconscious during my sleep. In the impossibility of doing so, I transform them into paintings. So the problem in my painting is psychological”, says the artist. Vilela’s work builds on the deconstruction and reallocation of the ancestral myths, the liturgies and the imaginary of religions, the primitive thought and the obsession to make "visible" the images of the unconscious. Since 2010 he has been developing research on the triple frontier between photography, drawing and painting. Currently, he seeks a relationship between visual arts and literature. “My paintings tell stories of a personal mythology. I am not interested in producing contemporary art, contingent of its own time. My motivation is to create a timeless work”, tell us the artist. His working process is very close to the cinema. He prepares the set with model, actress, costumes, lighting and shoots the scene. Then, he chooses the best image to paint. The oil paint goes where the lens could not reach. Vilela’s works in dry pastel are also on a border between the painting and the drawing. Stain made in dry technique on paper. Photographic image revealed with the use of rubber and charcoal on paper. In 2014 the film-makers Beto Brant and Cláudio Assis produced a documentary about the artist's work.  In 2018 the filmmaker Markus Avaloni produced an other documentary to Arte 1 chanel about his work.

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Solo exhibitions

2022 – Drama Dream, Galeria Lume, São Paulo/SP.
2022 – Turquesa Escarlate, Garrido Galeria, Recife/PE.
2019 - Shiva, Anita Schwartz Gallery, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.
2018 - Hermes, Amparo 60 Gallery, Recife/PE.
2016 - The book of São Sebastião, Anita Schwartz Gallery, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.
2016 - Textos Bárbaros, Oscar Cruz Gallery, São Paulo/SP.
2015 - The Green Room, Pombal Palace, Carpe Diem Art and Research, Lisbon/Portugal. 
2015 - ELA, MAC-CE, Fortaleza.
2014 - Animattack, Amparo 60 Gallery, Recife/PE.
2013 - Day party is mourning day eve, Paço das Artes, São Paulo/SP.
2013 - Voodoo Drama, Amparo 60 Gallery, Recife/PE.
2012 - Ouroborus, Laura Marsiaj Gallery, Rio de Janeiro/RJ
2011 - Head Orisha, Mariana Moura Gallery, Recife/PE.
2010 - Bibbdi Bobbdi Boo, CCBNB, Fortaleza/CE.
2009 - Sky of the Sky, State Museum of Pernambuco, Recife/PE.
2008 - Bibbdi Bobbdi Boo, Massangana Gallery, FUNDAJ, Recife/PE.
2006 - Requiem on paper, Murilo La Greca Museum, Recife/PE.
2002 - The Image nº 1, Baobá Gallery - FUNDAJ, Recife/PE.

Collective Exhibitions

2023 – About Water & Plants, Troy House Foundation, Londres/UK.
2022 – Maze Mirror. Sergio Carvalho Collection, CCBB Brasília/DF.
2020 – Diplomatic Conversations, Celma Albuquerque Gallery, Belo Horizonte/MG.
2017 - Marcantonio Vilaça Award, MuBE, São Paulo / SP.
2017 - Counterpoint - Sérgio Carvalho Collection, National Museum of Brasília, DF.
2017 - The light that candles the body is the same one that reveals the screen, Caixa cultural/RJ.
2016 - Orixás, Casa França Brazil, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.
2015 - Pictures Tell Facts, Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo / SP.
2015 - Art from Pernambuco, Embassy of Brazil, London/UK.
2014 - Drawing as an instrument. Artist books at Sesc Pompeia, São Paulo/SP.
2014 - Frestas - Triennial of Arts, SESC Piracicaba/SP.
2013 - New Brazil Bolivia Now, Memorial of Latin America, São Paulo/SP.
2013 - From the Paths and Poetry, MAC - CE, Fortaleza/CE.
2012 - Surface subway, Paço das artes, São Paulo/SP.
2012 - Zona Tórrida, Santander Cultural, Recife/PE.
2011 - World Bank Art Program, Washington/USA.
2011 - War Games, Cultural Box, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.
2010 - Abre Alas, A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.
2010 - SESC ARTE 24 hours, Pier da Praça Mauá, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.
2010 - War Games, Memorial to Latin America, São Paulo/SP.
2009 - Pictorial Investigations, MAC Niterói/RJ.
2002 - 45th Arts Exhibition of Pernambuco, Recife/PE.
2002 - Prima Work Project, FUNARTE, Brasília/DF.
2001 - 58th Salão de Arte Contemporânea do Paraná, MAC, Curitiba/PR.
2001 - Macao International Painting Prize, IMM, Macau.


2013 - Best Short Art Direction in the
International Film Festival of Triunfo. 
2010 - FUNARTE Prize for Stimulating Artistic Creation in Visual Arts.
2010 - FUNCULTURA - System of Incentive to Culture of Pernambuco.


CCSP - Centro Cultural São Paulo - São Paulo/SP
National Museum of Brasilia - DF
World Bank - Washington, D.C. / USA.
Dragão do Mar Art Center - Fortaleza/CE.
Centro Cultural do Banco do Nordeste - Fortaleza/CE.
MAMAM, Museum of Modern Art Aluísio Magalhães - Recife/PE.
Joaquim Nabuco Foundation - Recife/PE.
State Museum of Pernambuco - Recife/PE.


2022 - The persistence of light
2016 – O livro de São Sebastião 
2015 – A Sala Verde 
2014 – Animattack 
2010 – Voo Cego 
2010 – Cabeça de santo


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Bruno Vilela